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MAX ALLOWABLE TAKEOFF WEIGHT MTOW is computed for All AFM Limits...Field Length, Climb, Obstacles/SID, Brake Energy and Tire Speed (Compute Countless Performance Scenarios before Takeoff).
PRECISE COMPUTATIONS Computations are made for the "Exact" Temperature, Altitude, Headwind, Runway Slope, etc.. (No TAB Data Rounding. Therefore Maximizing Airplane's Performance)...All Computations can be traced and verified in the AFM.
2ND SEGMENT CLIMB GRADIENT 2nd Segment Climb Gradient is Computed and Displayed (Confirming what your One Engine Out Climb Gradient will be...No guessing or wondering what the airplane will achieve).
OBSTACLE CLIMB PROFILE ANAYLYSIS Actual Degrading Flight Path is Computed and Displayed to Ensure Airplane "Remains Above Plane" of SID/Obstacle to the Top of Climb...TRUE FLIGHT PATH


Many LEGACY and NEW Models Available


      • With Safety and Simplicity being the driving motivation, True Flight Path (TFP) was developed as a direct response to years of Operator Feedback and concerns that the actual Degrading Flight Path during climb should be Accounted for to Ensure Airplane Remains Above the Plane of the SID/Obstacle to the top of climb (termination altitude) .
      • DEGRADING FLIGHT PATH during climb out is extracted from the AFM and Displayed, ensuring that performance computations "accurately" address engine inoperative gradients, SID/Obstacle clearance plane and weight limits.


Aircraft List (100+)

CL350 Short Field Ops. Software Available:

New AFM Supplement - Short Runway Performance Improvement
Modification - Rudder Control System - Rudder Travel Increase


Beechjet/KingAir KingAir 350ER KingAir 200/B200/B200GT/250BLR KingAir C90GTi/+Centex Mod KingAir C90GTx KingAir C90B KingAir 300/350/B300/B300C/1900C/1900D 400A/H400XP NEXTANT  
Bombardier CL350 / 300 Glob Express Glob XRS Glob 5000 CL601-3A CL601-3R CL604/605/650 CRJ 200
Citation CJ2+ CJ /CJ1 / CJ2 / CJ3 VII III/VI V / V Ultra XL / XLS X II/II Branson
Mustang Encore/Encore+ BRAVO SOVEREIGN I/SP * *  
FA 2000LXS 7X 10/100 20F-5BR 50/50EX 900A/B 900EX/DX 2000/2000EX/LX
Gulfstream GVII-G500 280 650/650ER 100 150 200 300/350 400 450 500 550 IV IVSP V II/II-TIP II-SP/III
Raytheon/Hawker 900XP 4000 Premier I/IA 850XP/800XP-Collins 800XP-Honeywell 400XP 800/800SP 400/700/750/1000
LearJet 70/75 31/31A 35/36A LR35A/+ZRLite/Avcon 40/40XR 45/45XR 55 60/60XR
Israel Aircraft Astra Astra SP Astra SPX Westwind I Westwind II      
Embraer Legacy 135 Legacy 650 Lineage 1000         
SABRELINER SABRE 65              

** Ultra-Nav can develop accurate performance software for a new aircraft model within 3-4 Weeks. Give use a call to discuss your aircraft.**





Though Ultra-Nav is Not in the business of selling hardware, here are some Portable Hardware Options that Ultra-Nav clients are using in and out of their cockpits:


* iPad, Android

* All WINDOWS 10 & 8/8.1 TABLETS ( No Internet Required ) -- Note, Surface Pro3 is FAA/EASA Approved.


* iPhones, Android / GALAXY


Performance Computations

From sea level airports with long runways to high and hot airports with runways that are not as long as you would like, ULTRA-NAV Performance Software will compute and display performance numbers derived from your aircraft's AFM with ease, speed and accuracy. The ULTRA-NAV Performance Software will compute maximum allowable takeoff weight based on ALL limiting factors - field length, climb limitations, brake energy, etc. The ULTRA-NAV Performance Software will then compute and display takeoff distance, all "V speeds", 2nd segment climb gradient, takeoff thrust setting, and other pertinent takeoff parameters dependent on aircraft type.

For landing data, Ultra-Nav computes and displays all "V" speeds, landing distance, landing field length, approach climb gradient and landing climb gradient.

Ultra-Nav can also customize weight and balance to your aircraft's exact seating configuration. Software will compute weight, %MAC and C.G. Limits for Zero fuel, Ramp, Takeoff and Landing conditions of your aircraft.


About The Software

AC 120-76A Indicates "Type B" Interactive Software.

DEVELOPMENT: To develop aircraft performance software, Ultra-Nav derived advanced mathematical techniques which are used to transform Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) graphs/data into modules of powerful equations, which replicate all the linear and non-liners shapes and forms of the AFM graphs/data. As a result, Ultra-Nav Performance Software allows quick and accurate computations to be performed; just as you would with a straight edge and pencil but with split second speed and without the eyeball and interpolation errors. In addition, Ultra-Nav programs all the AFM protocols and procedures that dictate exactly how all the charts are to be used together to give a complete and accurate analysis of your aircraft's performance as a function of ALL permitted combinations of altitude, temperature, runway length winds, runway slope, obstacle, etc.

The Ultra-Nav does NOT use tab data or data entry look up tables where linear interpolations are done between data points and "rounding off" procedures are commonly applied. Ultra-Nav Software is a real regeneration of the AFM graphs/data and the true curve forms they represent.

EXPERIENCE BASE: What makes this transformation of AFM graphs/data into software possible are the unique combinations of skills and backgrounds accumulated by the Ultra-Nav software designer. Software designer, Charles Mire has over 25 years of experience as a licensed instrument, commercial and instructor pilot. Charles has a Master of Science Degree in Physics and over 25 years of experience in developing and applying advanced mathematics to solve analytical problems. Combine all this with over two decades of using programming languages to crunch advanced mathematics; Ultra-Nav software designers have the perfect mixture of ingredients to tackle and properly tame the complex problem converting AFM graphs/data into hard working software.

The Ultra-Nav Performance Software is Windows compatible and runs on all Windows computers, including (EFB Tablet Pcs).


Benefits of Use

FUEL CONSERVATION: With Current Fuel Prices, it is more Important than Ever to Compute Precise Maximum Takeoff Weights Before getting into the Cockpit. Since computations are made straight from the AFM graphs and charts, accuracy is consistently better than eyeballing the charts with a pencil or using tab data. Therefore, precise Max Allowable Weight computations made by Ultra-Nav allow for more accurate knowledge of fuel loading needed for every trip you take. The extra accuracy in computing max allowable takeoff weight will result in FUEL COST SAVINGS over a year's worth of trips. As a result of this savings, the Ultra-Nav usually pays for itself within one or two trips.

SAFETY: No matter if it is a short runway or a high elevation airport with SID gradients to meet, the Ultra-Nav accounts for and Simultaneously Computes ALL Weight Limitations defined in the AFM (i.e. Field Length, Obstacle/SIDs, WAT limits, brake energy and tire speed). Since the software computes performance numbers so quickly, within seconds, a pilot may compile a detailed picture of the aircraft's performance by executing, within a few minutes, many different takeoff scenarios by recomputing numbers with varying temperatures, winds, runway directions, etc. Also, the time saved with the Ultra-Nav allows a pilot to spend more time on other safety related issues concerning the flight.


AIRCRAFT COMPARISONS Before Purchase: Operators make use of Ultra-Nav's Large Aircraft Inventory to Compare Performance of various aircraft models being considered for purchase. Ultra-Nav provides a simple, affordable, customized report to serve the operators needs of making a purchase decision. Call for pricing quote.

RUNWAY EXTENTION IMPACT STUDY: Airport Managers make use of Ultra-Nav's Large Aircraft Inventory to analyze the potential impact of proposed runway extensions or obstacle construction on the Performance of the various Aircraft Types that are operated at their airport. Ultra-Nav provides a simple, affordable, customized report to serve the Managers needs of making a Cost/Benefit decision. Call for pricing quote.


About Ultra-Nav

Ultra-Nav Aviation, Inc. has Provided Aircraft Performance Software to the Corporate Aviation Market since 1990. Performance Software development initially took place for a corporate flight department operating both a FA 50 and a FA 900A. Once these two products were exposed to the corporate aviation market, demand for the performance software expanded to the current bizjet fleet listed. Demand has also resulted in Ultra-Nav engaging development plans for every existing, new and upcoming business jet in the market today. Ultra-Nav has also engaged in performance software development for military aircraft.

Serving Thousands of Flight Departments across the United States and World, Ultra-Nav has provided corporate flight departments with a safety tool that allows an accurate, fast and easy way to compute takeoff, landing and weight and balance numbers for any takeoff and landing scenario.


Product Reviews

Reviews of the Ultra-Nav Performance Computer have appeared in several professional publications, including the most recent, Aviation International News, March 1998 issue. An interview with the product developer appeared in the Business section of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal on Sunday, April 19, 1998.


PRODUCT & PRICING for Performance Software

OPTIONS One Time Software License
A. ONLINE SERVICE (for iPads/iPhones/Android) $595
UNLIMITED Online Access for EVERY pilot's iPad, iPhone and Galaxy Phone.
UNLIMITED and PERMANENT Downloads for EVERY pilot's PC, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets and MAC (Home and Office).....No Internet Required
C. COMBO (Online Service + Download Link) $795

* Online Service renewed annually for $95 (Includes All Airplanes, All Pilots, All Devices)

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